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PlayFlows is a solution developed by C & B industrializing complex and recurring tasks belonging to a filtering equipment park.

Beyond its manifold manufacturers approach, PlayFlows innovates by extending massive provisioning capacity on objects, rule base creation, migration, optimization, auditing and cleaning.

What is PlayFlows ?

PlayFlows is non-intrusive

PlayFlows collects objects and rule bases through connections to managers using editor’s given API. Production filtering equipments contents are only collected upon application changes.

PlayFlows modelizes production version with devices and upcoming one with manager, permitting to proactively validate modifications before application changes occurs.

An automated network cartography is scheduled along with a network configuration backup repository, acting as a network referential.

Filtering equipments are transparently identified and enrolled with embedded data on managers. This way, network cartography is completed automatically.


PlayFlows’ diagnostic algorithms can be combined using a ‘few clicks’ principle:

Upon firewall ticket receipt via workflow cut-and-paste feature; the following diagnostics are available on a glimpse:

  • filtering equipments impacted by each flow – showing crossed firewalls and routers with additional information as inbound and outbound network interfaces and concerned VRF
  • rule base objects are confronted by PlayFlows naming conventions helpers
  • firewall state for each flow (accept, deny, reject, log…) manager and/or production versions
  • implementation suggestions via the statistic based ranking feature
  • each flow is matched against the pre-established operational security policy model

Massive deployments multi technologies

PlayFlows acts in the same way on all supported editors.

Objects, nested groups as well as rule base updates on supported technologies are done in a single click.

Rule base copy feature facilitates migration from a supported technology to another one.

Optimization, normalization and cleaning

Massive provisioning brick automatically normalizes objects – norm is generated from any network address text based referential.

Also, duplicates objects and empty groups are not permitted in creation mode; existing ones and expired timers are identified.

PlayFlows’ check feature enables rule base optimization and spots removable elements – rules or objects.

Embedded expertise

More analysis functionalities enables the user to save time:

  • centralized rule base updates : clustered firewall updates followed by ‘easy wiki’ feature provides commit results, published on any external wiki
  • log replay : using clipboard, PlayFlows understands firewall logs format from editor’s GUI enabling you to easily replay collected flows
  • application audit : combining pattern matching and ranking features, it is now easy to exhaustively extract firewalls rules per project.


Improving most of production key indicators in terms of quality, delay and cost: PlayFlows allows teams to focus on the genuine issues of operational security.

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